Since time immemorial, the relationship between the state and the media has always been one of love hate. In times when the media is perceived to dance to the tune of the state, the relationship is love. But if the media is somehow seen to be anti-establishment, the relationship is hate.
In Kenya, th…

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Ten years ago, the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector did not feature prominently in the Kenya’s national psyche. While it was obvious the sector contributed significantly to the economy, particularly in job creation, the government and even the private sector was less concerne…

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It is a dream of every Kenyan to live in a gated community with all the amenities that proclaim ‘life is sweet’. In fact, every Kenyan who can be classified as falling in the middle class bracket harbours a dream of living in a modern house located in a serene and quiet neighbourhood. The dream becomes even more fantasizing if the gated community has a golf course.

Having probably studied by the psychology of the typical Kenyan middle class, which is characterised with consumerism and living life on the first lane, real estate developers have found a market to exploit to the fullest.…

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The end of the year is always a time to reflect on the year that was and set plans for the coming year. In most cases, it is a time to look back on events that shaped and defined the year and also reflect on the achievements and failures. It is also a time to lay down the priorities for the coming y…

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One cardinal rule that students of journalism are taught is that as a journalist, your emotions must always be detached from the subject of your story. In other words, if for instance you are sent to cover the Huruma disaster, duty demands that you should not project an iota of emotions despite being a witness to devastation, pain and death.

Being human, adhering to this rule has often proved futile for many journalists.…

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The micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) sector is an important cog in the country’s economy. The sector not only accounts for majority of the enterprises in the country but is also the key source of employment opportunities for majority of Kenyans.
Despite its importance, the sector has…

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There has been an existing fundamental flaw with different regulatory bodies in the country – a penchant to bury their heads on the sand while those they are supposed to regulate have a field day and run riots.In terms of regulatory bodies, Kenya is a highly regulated country. There are tens of regulators overseeing various sectors and industries.…

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When Samuel Beckett wrote the masterpiece play entitled ‘Waiting for Godot’, he never anticipated how relevant the theme would be years later. Beckett penned the play in the early 1950s and over six decades later the story line still applies in modern day world.

Today, Kenyans find themselves in a peculiar scenario of having to wait for Godot. Since British firm Tullow Oil discovered oil in Turkana, northern Kenya in 2012, anticipation has been ripe that Kenya is on the verge of a windfall from petrodollars.…

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Being the head of a parastatal in Kenya is probably one of the most insecure jobs that one would wish for. That notwithstanding, the number of people applying for any vacant parastatal job, particularly in the so called strategic state corporations, shows there is something lucrative about the job.

A case in point is the fact that a total of 120 individuals applied for the position of Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) managing director when it was advertised in November only to be terminated mid-stream and re-advertised again.…

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The ground on which the East Africa Community (EAC) stands has for a long time been shaky. Now, the shaking is fast mutating to tremors and soon enough it could become a full blown earthquake if the rivalries being witnessed among member states are not arrested.

By all accounts, the revival of the EAC in 2000 after the original club collapsed in 1977 was heralded as the best thing in efforts of integrating the economies of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and later Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. A decade and a half later, there is much progress and a lot to be proud of in as far as creating a big economic bloc is concerned.…

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Before the release of any movie or blockbuster production, producers always release a trailer well in advance to arise the anticipation of audiences and give them a sneak preview of what to expect. The trailers, as a rule, capture the most captivating, exciting and thrilling scenes and are designed to make audiences eagerly wait for the official release.

In Kenya, 2016 is just unfolding and the trailers of the blockbusters that will characterise the year have already been released. The camping of President Kenyatta in the coastal region for the better part of January, which the opposition Cord described as nothing but a vote hunting foray, is one trailer preparing Kenyans for an epic political duel in 2016 pitting the Jubilee Alliance coalition and Cord.…

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