Before the release of any movie or blockbuster production, producers always release a trailer well in advance to arise the anticipation of audiences and give them a sneak preview of what to expect. The trailers, as a rule, capture the most captivating, exciting and thrilling scenes and are designed to make audiences eagerly wait for the official release.

In Kenya, 2016 is just unfolding and the trailers of the blockbusters that will characterise the year have already been released. The camping of President Kenyatta in the coastal region for the better part of January, which the opposition Cord described as nothing but a vote hunting foray, is one trailer preparing Kenyans for an epic political duel in 2016 pitting the Jubilee Alliance coalition and Cord.

With the country gearing for general elections next year, whether in August or December, all indications are that 2016 is the year that political drums will be banged to near ear deafening levels. The hullabaloo being generated by the voter registration process already offers an indication of things to come.

Another trailer is the sensational bribery allegations facing Supreme Court Judge Justice Philip Tunoi, which by and large touch on the credibility of the whole Supreme Court and Judiciary. The allegations, that Justice Tunoi received a Sh200 million bribe from Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero, set the stage for a hit in the fight against corruption. On this, Kenyans can expect thrilling series with unfolding shocking scenes rather than a one hit movie. Notably, the Eurobond ghost, a carryover from 2015, is yet to be buried.  

The other trailer has to do with the economy. The National Treasury has released the 2016/17 financial year budget policy statement. The statement shows that 2016/17 budget will be Sh2.1 trillion, which has been slashed compared to the 2015/16 budget that had initially been set at Sh2.2 trillion. Of importance is that the government intends to live within its means and allocate resources mainly to priority spending.  

Going by the budget policy statement trailer, it is evident that in 2016 the government is planning to bring order and stability in the economy as opposed to the chaos that characterised last year when the economy nearly went on its knees due to shilling volatility, runaway interest rates, ballooning public debt among other fundamentals.

For the business community and ordinary Kenyans, the trailers have aroused both anticipation and apprehension. Anticipation because there are signs the economy would be on a rebound from the upheavals of 2015 and this augurs well for the country that is in dire need of foreign investments, creation of opportunities and expanding of available opportunities.

Apprehension because the expected political noise will only serve to polarise the country and create unnecessary tension that could have ripple effects. The fight against corruption will also not be an easy battle owing to the fact that corruption tends to fight back.

In overall, 2016 will definitely present to Kenyans a mixed bag of fortunes/misfortunes. How the country handles every event that arise will be paramount. As a publication, we can only hope that wisdom will prevail and that people will awake to the reality that Kenya is bigger than each one of us.

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